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Die Honest

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Rachel K. Zall
Hi! I'm Rachel. I know, I know, my username says Kate. It's my middle name, but you can call me Kate if you like.

I'm a little hick running around and exploring the big, exciting city. I have three cats, or rather, three cats have me. I'm a transgender activist, a graphic designer, a performing artist, and I write lots and lots of poetry, which I post in sporadic, friends-locked bursts. I've published two books (which you can check out on my website), and I'm perpetually working on a third which may or may not ever happen and may or may not be about trans stuff.

I'm highly excitable, and I've long since grown out of my snarky, cynical stage. If people who unironically use the phrase "spiffy keen!" drive you up a wall, you should probably just keep walking. Me, I'm ready for joy.

I often post rambling narratives here, and they're generally true -- BUT! if you want historical facts, go read a historian's journal. I'm a poet and I can embellish wherever I like.

You don't have to ask to add me, although saying hello is generally courteous if you want me to reciprocate.

This journal isn't intentionally friends-only, but it's mostly personal stuff, which mostly gets posted in friends-locked entries.

Oh! And I used to be girlspacemonkey and before that I was ecdysiasm. I change journals sometimes, because I like change. Change = Future, and Future + Imagination + Work + Luck = Hope!